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Competitive Intelligence


Competitive Intelligence (CI) is the process of gaining actionable intelligence to support decision making process from a competitive perspective. The CI becomes not so new concept and even it become a "must-have" techniques in today's business environment, As the business strategies and tactics to be adopted by the organization have to be largely based on recognize the competitive position of the organization in relation to the other competitors as well as understanding the strategies implement by those competitors. In plain English, the CI tells you who are your revival competitors, what does your competitors do, and how they do it, and what they we'll be doing next … etc.


These types of studies should assist the management in two ways. Firstly with assessing the appropriateness of the current adopted strategies from a competitive perspective, and secondly construct the future strategies and corrective actions, which will help in increasing the effectiveness of business decisions and strategies leading to strengthening its competitive position

Ideal Deliverables:

The competitive intelligence studies will be divided into three main components

  • The competitive arena: Using industry, market and competition data to identify the competitive positions of the market competitors.
  • Portfolio analysis: Using the portfolio analysis tools (BCG, GE …etc) in sketching out the competitive positions and strategies by those competitors.
  • Recommendation:Recommending the alternative competitive strategies to be adopted by the management to achieve the desired objectives in the target markets with the identified competitors and their strategies.


This kind of reports depend on a hybrid methodology that combines both secondary and primary research. The basic market and competition information are drawn from unlimited secondary sources (e.g. market research reports, business news, governmental sources, …etc.). While the market and competitors' insights are driven from a series for interviews with industry experts and selected (high profiles) industry participants.

The collected information is then exposed to an extensive analysis process, that is by interpreting and analyzing each piece of information on its own and in conjunction with other information pieces. This is where information starts to become intelligence and provides actionable recommendations.


Being a consultancy focused researchers, PROGRESSIA team can transform the collected information into an strategic and actionable intelligence that enhance your decision making and improve you business decisions themselves.


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