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Integrated Marketing Communication


Assessing the effectiveness of the different integrated marketing communication channels and tools (advertisements, sales promotions, personal selling, direct mails, trade shows,…etc.) for achieving business and marketing objectives. The IMC activities assessment is usually based on four main factors:

  • Delivering the right message
  • To the right audience
  • Using the right medium
  • Achieving the anticipated results


Major cost reductions could be attained by the effective usage of the different IMC tools, and on the other hand with using the same allocated budget for IMC activities the organizations could highly increase its desired objectives achievement level. Which means that organizations are more often misdirect and misuse their different tools of IMC and either major cost reduction could be achieved without decreasing the outcomes of the IMC campaigns or a major increase in the outcomes of these IMC campaigns without increasing the budget allocated for IMC.

Ideal Deliverables

The IMC effectiveness research study will be divided into three main components

  • The IMC activities in the market: Profile the IMC tools used in the market, with secondary and primary data about the costs and returns of these tools
  • Effectiveness of the Organization's IMC: Identifying the level of success of the IMC tools on the target segments
  • IMC recommendations: Recommended adjustments to the currently used IMC tools to increase its ability in reaching the target customers and/or recommend different IMC tools to be used


The methodology used for this kind of research might include either or both qualitative research methodology (focus groups and experts' panels) and quantitative research methodology which might be done on a cross-sectional basis or longitudinal (experiment) basis depending on the objectives and nature of the study.


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