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International marketing research


In a hyperlinked world that will become one day borderless, especially for businesses, going globally became a must for business growth. But before you can make a move, you need clear intelligence and smart advice about new markets and new opportunities.


Effective Decisions is what you need to assure success, and it's exactly what we offer through:

  • Comprehensive Research
  • Practical Solutions
  • Roadmap to success

Ideal Deliverables:

  • Market Profile: Evaluation of the marketplace, its trends and future opportunities.
  • Needs: Discover unmet needs and un-served segments in the market by exploring the Consumer.
  • Distribution: Approach the foreign distribution by the best distribution model, targets, coverage strategy and Channels profitability.
  • Competition: Competition Landscape & competitors profiles.
  • Quality: Discover the level of Product quality, and products range currently introduced in the market.
  • Business Trip Planning: Achieve best of your business trip by getting the most important Importers of your products, key executives in prospected agents and distributors companies, investment and trade supporting organizations, industry associations and authorities.
  • Business Environment: Macro economic profile, exchange rate fluctuation levels, Industry stability, taxation system, product regulations and standards, Regulatory information, legal information, Political Stability.
  • Recommendations


The scope and objectives of research determines the used methodology, however, the usually applied methodology for these reports is hybrid methodology that combines secondary and primary research.


With more than 14 partners worldwide, PROGRESSIA Global Consulting is distinctively positioned as an international market research provider with access to unlimited information sources and markets insiders, In addition, being a consultancy company adds especial flavor to our report; that they are always provide you with an actionable intelligence and recommendations.


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