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Distributor Assessment


Optimize existing or new distributor results through application of our Distributor Assessment Project and testing the current distributor efficiency and effectiveness and draw actionable improvement plans to achieve the anticipated objectives and with regards to the available benchmarks/ best practices.


Market penetration & cost effectiveness are just a few examples of potential benefits out of the distributor assessment and improvement projects.

Ideal Deliverables:

The distributor assessment projects deliverables can be segmented into three modules:

  • Provide insights to the distribution models: cost structures,motivation,people, metrics... etc.
  • Create plan to improve the supplier performance given the benchmarking results.


Besides the company sales data and historical reports (if existed), the distributor assessment projects normally includes extensive interviews with the distributor, visits to his offices, dealers and end customers in addition to other marketing research activities (secondary and primary) to gain insights to the distribution networks in the targeted market/product and to figure out industry benchmarks/ best practices.


Distributor assessment assignments requires different type of research activities and that is exactly what makes PROGRESSIA distinctively positioned in such area given its diversified team experiences and worldwide coverage.

Table of Contents:

  1. Market Trends
  2. Current Best and Least Distribution Evaluations
  3. Evaluation of Current and Alternate Distribution Models
  4. Conclusions and Recommendations
Appendix A: Survey Data Results

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