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New Advertise Development


Successful advertising can help companies make a difference in their business. The role of pre-testing is to help advertisers identify successful advertising so they can do more and sell more.


Advertising pre-test potential impacts on corporate can be realized in three main areas:

  • Ad contribution to brand image
  • Ad fitting with the corporate strategy and marketing plan
  • How to optimize the ads effectiveness (Channels, Times …etc.)

Ideal Deliverables:

I- Overall Effectiveness
  • Visibility – will the commercial be remembered?
  • Branding – will the brand be remembered?
  • Communication – what visuals and messages will be remembered?
  • Brand Enhancement – does the ad promote a positive feeling towards the brand?
  • Persuasion – will the ad inspire non-users to try the product? Will it enhance brand loyalty among existing customers?

II. General Attitudes: In this section analysis to consumer attitudes towards major advertising elements are covered including:
  • Message.
  • Characters
  • Music
  • Colorings and Design

III. Brand Image
  • Mapping brand image versus personal values.
  • Mapping brand image versus motivators/drivers
  • Mapping brand image versus emotional traits
  • Imported brands and market shares

IV. Media Channels Preferences
  • General Preferences
  • Channels mapping versus ad effectiveness.
  • Channels mapping versus perceived images

V. Summary and Recommendations


Ad. pre test are normally based on Qualitative Research methodology through conducting a series of focus groups organized into two phases:

  • Pre-Exposure Test: conducted with consumers without exposing them to the tested media. This phase aims to provide clear and neutral understanding of consumers’ mind structure, values, perceptions and attitudes.
  • After-Exposure Test: conducted with the same group of consumers starting with exposing them to the tested media. This phase will provide validated assessment of consumers’ opinions and attitudes towards the tested media.

The consultants then will apply innovative analytical approach to the collected information against the backdrop of the brand’s strategy and the advertising objectives; in order to conclude with a truly comprehensive media assessment with a view towards attaining the previously mentioned objectives.


PROGRESSIA Global Consulting offers you with the highest accuracy and validation levels to assure the success for your ad., this is guaranteed through out the assignment phases starting from the focus groups conducting; TV media will be watched in a watched in a realistic, low involvement situation. This is aided by respondents not being told the purpose of the research, especially during the first phase. Consequently the proposed methodology eliminates any distorting influences on the perception of the advertising.

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